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Collaborative statistics
By Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean, faculty members at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. A beginning college-level statistics textbook.

Finding statistics
Guide with explanation and links for locating statistics on specific topics, with emphasis on U.S. government sources. From California State University, Northridge library.

International Year of Statistics
In 2013, celebrating why statistics matter and what they are so very necessary and useful for

Learning Math: Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability
Based on the NCTM content standards for K-8 teachers.  Videos and web-based lessons.

Links to statistical sources
List of key sources for reliable statistics, in general topic areas.  Provided by the University of Oregon Library.

Nation Master
Termed a "massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD."

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
Applets, tools, and online books.

Statistical Abstract of the United States
Government website with lots of tables of data for U.S. populations

Statistics Decision Tree
From Van Eck Computer Consulting, the Decision Tree "helps select statistics or statistical techniques appropriate for the purpose and conditions of a particular analysis and to select the MicrOsiris commands which produce them or find the corresponding SPSS and SAS commands"

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