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AFI Global: Alliance for Financial Inclusion
Policy statements, reports, and news on global poverty. AFI "achieves its mission by administering several types of financial inclusion policy related activities including a membership program, the convening of Working Groups, the provision of grants, and a Policy Champion Program."

Beige Book
Comments on economic conditions in the Federal Reserve Districts. Updated annually.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Economic Indicators, by region; Consumer Price Index; Monthly Labor Review.

Census Explorer
Search by county, state, census tract, or address for demographic data in a convenient visual format.

Consumer Price Indexes (CPI)
Monthly data on changes in the prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services.

Data Visualization Gallery
U.S. Census data-- historical population data--displayed in interesting and various formats

Economic policy Institute
A non-profit think tank that produces and collects research focusing on economic issues of low and middle-income Americans. Current report: The Making of Ferguson: Public Policies at the Root of its Troubles

FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)
Economic time series data viewable in spreadsheet or text format.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Data and Indicators
Survey reports, maps, and tools from the NY Fed and other Federal Reserves

Living Wage Calculator

OECD Better Life Index
Compare "well-being" based on several factors for eleven countries. Sponsored by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development

Office of Management and Budget
U.S. budget and related documents.

Peterson Institute for International Economics
Nonprofit institute for the study of international economics.  Research articles and reports, opinion, news, blog and other information is available.

Population Reference Bureau
Census, industrial, and workforce population data.

Random Samplings
Blog, from the U.S. Census Bureau: searchable, with interesting and fun statistic sets.

Resources for Economists on the Internet
Web directory sponsored by the American Economic Association.

Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
U.S. population statistical profiles.

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