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American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment
Portland Community College as one of the signatories is a leader in the commitment to sustainability.

Climate Change and Human Health
World Health Organization.

Competitive Enterprise Institute: Energy and Environment
"Free enterprise and limited government" are the interests of the CEI: consequently, they offer a point of view often opposed to popular concern over global warming.

Ecological Footprint Quiz
Measure how consumption patterns and demands affect nature, and learn how to reduce this impact.

Energyguide HomeAnalyzer
Use this tool for a quick analysis of your home energy use.

Environmental Science Seminar Series Archives
Track the political debate in the United States.

Footprint Calculator
Calculate how your use of resources compares with your country's average consumption profile. Result matrix is based on the Ecological Footprint Standards (2006).

National Science Digital Library
Search for scientific documents, with terms such as "global warming" "climate change" or "sustainability". I-Google offers a nifty "gadget" from NSDL where a search can be limited to a particular level (i.e. college), and particular type of item (i.e. text, image, audio, interactive).

Northwest Earth Institute
Discussion courses, resources for educators, community building.

On the Commons: Environment
Blog and articles focused on promoting the concept of "commons,"  where we are to recognize "that some forms of wealth belong to all of us, and that these community resources must be actively protected and managed for the good of all."

Planning Oregon
A repository of urban planning documents on the Portland Metropolitan area.  Interactive map, feasibility studies.

Regional Equity Atlas
The Coalition for a Livable Future provides a mapping tool, key maps, and outreach for regional policies related to sustainability, in the Portland Metro region.
Locate scholarly and technical data for scientific topics, published by the U.S. government.

Sheep and the Environment
Proper grazing techniques for sheep, and using them as a natural method for the management of weeds and brush control.

Sustainable Travel International
Socially aware, low-impact, ecotourism.

United Nations Work On Climate Change
Focus is on the United Nations, international initiatives, conferences, and standards.

World Food Clock

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