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360 Degrees of Financial Literacy
Set up by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, with guides for all life stages and personal finance
The official site to request your annual credit report, for free: find your "credit score", check for errors and set up fraud alerts if necessary

Budgeting and Saving
A channel on How Stuff, with lots of helpful guides on personal finance

Center for Digital Democracy
Learn about how to protect yourself in terms of personal privacy and consumer savvy

Credit Karma
Free credit score and other services to track changes to your score

Clark Howard
Consumer advocate and commentator: site features articles and links to recommended services.

Dave Ramsey
Commentator and author provides advice and resources for those striving to be debt-free
Lots of calculators for estimating credit card debt, savings, loan costs, and more

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis provides a suite of tools, information, and tutorials for educators and students for money skills, handling credit,  and financial literacy.

Connecting university resource specialists and consumers, with articles and tools to learn about personal finance

Feed the Pig
Interactive and socially networked, pitched to those in the 25-34 year range-- tools and tips for managing finances

How Interest Rates Work
Basic guide to the essentials about cumulative interest
Download various designs of graph paper, and print as you need

To-the-point essays about the essentials for planning and managing your finances, plus tools for understanding how to pay off credit, or plan for retirement.  

Living Wage Calculator

Loan Calculator
From, an easy way to visualize how interest accrues and affects your loan payments
Set up a family budget, track progress on your personal financial goals

Money Smart : a financial education program
Personal finance training modules and curriculum, from FDIC.  Seven languages available.
Reliable financial information, current news, articles from government agencies for consumers. Available in Spanish

Motley Fool
The Motley Fool exists, they say, to "educate, amuse and enrich." Several helpful sections for the beginning investor, such as the "13 steps to investing", and the articles in the section "Valuing Stocks

Net Price Calculator
Estimate the full price of your PCC education

Plastic Jungle
Shop for discounted gift cards for lots of retailers, or trade in one of yours to a buyer

Articles and essays by the experts behind Bloomsbury Information's QFinance: Ultimate Financial Resource

RAND Financial Literacy Center
Newsletter, research projects, tracking success in financial literacy programs: for those planning money management and financial literacy instruction

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