How to Study and Write for Geography
A set of handouts and hints for college students.

Portland State University's Geography Guide  Created by Meredith Farkas, who now works at the PCC Library.  So it's okay to steal.  We think.

A collection of articles from many magazines. Since geography covers many areas, this is a good place to start when looking for information from magazines and journals. In addition to Academic Search Premier and MasterFile Premier, consider adding the Military and Government Collection, and Newspaper Source, which has some international newspapers. For several hundred international newspapers, use "Search the news" in the Lexis/Nexis newspaper collection.
This one is way cool. Type in a geographic location and get heaps of information.

National Geographic Index.  Search all National Geographic Publications, back to the first issue. We have the online full-text from September 1993 in the Pop Culture Collection, Follow the link, and use the "search inside this publication" search box on the left. We also have print copies going back to 1919. Ask a librarian to help you find those.

US Geological Survey.
Web-based material on the good old USA.

US Geological Survey: Oregon
More about the Beaver State than you can imagine.

Geography Videos

Here are links to a small fraction of our streaming (and DVD) video collections in Geography. (Dec 2013)

Portland: A Sense of Place. (2008) 30 Minutes. A positive look at Portland's city planning, especially regarding transportation.

Food Miles. (2008) 26 Minutes. From PBS. A look at the energy costs involved in growing and transporting food in the United States. Will look good to the 'localvore' crowd. Michael Pollan narrates.

Gobi: Deserts and Life (2011) 53 minutes. The Gobi desert of Central Asia is one of the world's harshest environments.

Iceland: Islands and Life. (2011) 52 minutes. Volcanoes, Geysers, Vikings and fish. What more could you want?

Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude. 58 Minutes. Tracks the long and difficult journey of being able to plot longitude. Latitude was a piece of cake in comparison.


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