Math: The Basics

Math Books & DVDs at PCC Library

Books on math basics at PCC Library

Read, look at examples, practice.

DVDs on math basics at PCC Library

Didn't quite catch it in class? Watch a DVD at home, at your own pace.

Books on algebra

Easy to follow, work at your own pace.

DVDs on geometry at PCC Library

Get some popcorn and enjoy!

Math Web Sites

Ask Dr. Math
A question and answer service for math students and their teachers.

Decimals, Whole Numbers, and Exponents
Clearly written, easy to read. Published by the Math League

Enlaces en español para la matemática
Spanish language math resources. From Math Forum

Clearly written, easy to read. Published by the Math League

Introduction to Algebra
Clearly written, easy to read.
Help with basic math concepts.

Basic algebra lessons, and links to online tutorials, quizzes and worksheets.

PCC services

PCC Tutoring Services
Includes online tutoring in math.

Online Tutorials

Need a repeat of a lesson or Math class? PCC's Youtube channel has lots of Math videos, as well as videos on other subjects.

Watch and listen at your own pace as PCC's instructors explain topics from:

Working With Your Math Textbook video shows how you can use your textbook to be successful in your math class. Try it and see for yourself!

Free math instruction online videos from the Annenberg Foundation. These videos are captioned.

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