Publishing Venues

Looking to get your poetry published? Consider submitting your work to one of these publications.

Oregon-Based Journals


Burnside Review


Clackamas Literary Review


Northwest Review


Regionally-Based Journals


Open Spaces

Poetry Flash

Poetry Northwest

Nationally-Based Journals

The Cape Rock




Beware: some book contests have a bad reputation!


Web Resources

Poetry Writing Tips: How to Write a Poem
Posted by Dennis Jerz - Associate Professor of English at Seton Hill University. This blog post presents "ten tips to help you improve your poetry."

Elements of Poetry
From Bedford/St. Martin's, a guide to different poetic elements and their functions, with illustrative exercises.

Sonnets and Haiku and Ballads: oh my!

Poetic forms
From Poets.org.

Poetic Forms Lists
From Poetry Base, a list of forms and considerations to use when writing a poem.

Rhythm, sound, and line structure.

INTRA - an Interactive Tutorial on Rhythm Analysis
From Reed College.

Prosody for 21st Century Poets
This article by poet Timothy Steele covers the decline of prosody in modern poetry, and calls for its return.

The pictures that words paint in your head.

Image in Poetry
From the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Poetry Careers

The Oregon State Poetry Association

The website of the Academy of American Poets.

Poet's Market
A journal available from PCC Library.

Independent Publishing Resource Center
Helping poets publish their own work since 1998.

Organizations That Support Writers

Association of Writers and Writing Programs
Overall support for writers including news, leads on jobs, grants, and contests, and more.

The Attic Institute
A writing studio that offers instruction to writers of all experience levels.

Mountain Writers Series
Offers workshops and readings led by noted Northwest writers and poets.

Northwest Writing Institute
A community sponsored by Lewis & Clark Graduate School.

Oregon Writer's Colony
Offers retreats and workshops for writers of all stripes.

Willamette Writers
The "largest writer's organization in Oregon, and one of the largest... in the United States."

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