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Tutorial: How To Read a Scientific Article

Found a peer reviewed article, and can't figure out what it is about? Check out this great tutorial on how to read a scientific article. Hint: it isn't from beginning to end!

Online Journals, Recommended By Alcohol & Drug Counseling Faculty

alcoholism treatment quarterlyAlcoholism Treatment Quarterly
The latest developments in the theory and practice of treatment for alcoholism, written for professional alcoholism counselors, social workers and psychologists, and highlighting innovative approaches to care, solutions to clinical problems, and unique approaches to intervention and therapy.


counselor online coverCounselor: The Magazine For Addiction Professionals
Available in paper format in the PCC Cascade Library. Current issue available online. Blends the in-depth information often found in journals with the ease-of-read and style of a magazine.

Other online journals:

Alcohol & Alcoholism
Articles on biomedical, psychological and sociological aspects of alcoholism and alcohol research. Published by the Medical Council on Alcohol.

PsychiatryOnline Journals
Great source for peer reviewed articles relating to the effect of drugs on the human brain. Use the blue "Quick Search" box; example search cocaine and brain.

Harm Reduction Journal
Peer reviewed research articles on all aspects of minimizing the adverse effects of psychoactive drugs. Browse the latest issue, or search by keyword.

Published Articles

For published journal articles about addiction, treatment, research and theory, use

EBSCOhost Alcohol & Drug Counseling databases, including PsycINFO & health databases.

  • search tip: put "quotation marks" around phrases, ex. "control group".
  • search tip: use an asterisk* to find various endings of a word root, ex. addict* will find addict, addicts, addiction, addicted, addictive.
  • search tip: look for the "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" box. Select it to find peer reviewed articles on your topic.

PsycINFO from EBSCOhost.

Articles, books chapters, studies published in the professional and academic literature in psychology, psychiatry, nursing, sociology and education. Coverage: 1887 - present.


Full text for over 890 peer reviewed health and life sciences journals. For best results go to Advanced Search and select Psychology in the list of SUBJECTs. Limit your search to SUBSCRIBED Journals in order to get full text.

Interested in women and addiction? Try GenderWatch, with articles that focus on how gender impacts a broad spectrum of subject areas, including substance abuse and addiction. Articles from scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, regional publications, books and NGO, government and special reports.

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to find peer reviewed articles: 

Connect your Google Scholar search to the full text of articles that are available to you at no cost in PCC Library databases.  Instructions are on the library's Google Scholar page. 


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